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Lab Unique Equipment Co., Ltd is a dedicated laboratory equipment supplier specializing in servicing universities, chemical factories and pharmaceutical plants with wide ranges lab equip such as glass reactor, rotary evaporator, Freeze dryer and Molecular Distillatio kit, etc. Our extensive industry experience has equipped us to tackle unique client challenges, ensuring optimal lab performance and help you save both time and cost.

We do more than just supply lab equipment. We provide comprehensive solutions to help you solve specific problem and sourcing need. You gain not only access to superior products but also a committed partner who understands your specific requirements and works tirelessly to meet them.

Applications & Industries

Welcome to Lab Unique, your gateway to the world of laboratory equipment. From university laboratories to research institutes, from chemical to pharmaceutical industry, our range of equipment aids the critical work done in these sectors.

We recognize the importance of laboratory equipment in research and development. It’s not just about the equipment, it’s about enabling scientific discovery, fostering innovation and advancing human knowledge. Let’s empower the explorers of today to create the breakthroughs of tomorrow together.

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What Clients Say About Lab Unique

Dr. Livingston

Dr. Livingston

Research Scientist


“The quality and reliability of their Rotary Evaporator has significantly improved our lab’s productivity. We highly recommend their equipment for any lab requiring precision and efficiency.”

Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Operations Director


“Outstanding quality and excellent customer service. Lab Unique has been our go-to source for lab equipment for the past five years. Their products consistently deliver, and their team always ensures we have what we need to keep our lab running smoothly.”

Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor

Quality Assurance Manager


“The molecular distillation system delivered by lab unique provides unparalleled purification and separation capabilities. Its user-friendly interface and superior performance have made it an integral part of our CBD production line.”

Frequently Asked Questions

You come to this page because you are serious about your project.

You want to make stable experiment with perfect results.

You want to grow your business with accurate science lab equipment.

And directly, you also want to get profits by applying various lab equip on your business.

Lab Unique is seasoned lab equipment supplier with expert experience to help you choose the most suitable laboratory equipment according to your situation.

You do not need to be the lab equip expert and we will recommend you reliable laboratory equip with afforable price.

You need to know what application you will use before choosing lab equipment.

For example:

You can choose glass reactors if you need to make organic chemical reaction in high temperature.

Instead, molecular distillation kit will better suit your need for refined fish oil and lanolin extraction.

You can discuss your detailed requirement with Lab Unique to get complete solution.

Lab equipment price ranges from $100 to $2000000 or even more.

It depends on what item you buy and the quantity.

Different brands sell their products at different price.

You should contact with the lab equipment manufacturer and supplier to get the exact price.

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