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Glass Reactor UK supplier Project Case

Client Business Type

Pharma processing plant in UK

Client Desired Products

20L glass reactor & Recirculating Chiller

Client Pain Points

custom system for pilot plant

Client Requirement

need durable glass reactor for lab experiment

UK Glass reactor Customer project

UK Customer Name: George

UK market glass reactor Supplier: Lab Unique

Glass Reactor Type : 20L jacket glass reactor

Purchasing Quantity : 2 sets

Case Introduction :

George From UK is engaged in pharma development and they need Glass reactor, with the jacket for coolant, in GMP design, with a glass reactor capacity of 20L.

George tried several glass reactor but not satisfied with the performance in high temperature.

He heard Lab Unique from his friend and contact us to discuss his specific need on glass reactor.

We check and confirmed all the details with George and recommend jacket glass reactor to meet his laboratory test.

George placed 2 sets glass reactor from us and the pilot plant development is successful with good results.

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UK Customer Reivew About Lab Unique glass reactor

George From UK


Lab Unique glass reactor is quite good on pilot plant processing and we successfully finish the pharma testing lab project with their glass reactor.

glass reactor For sale in UK

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