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Rotary Evaporator Australia supplier Project Case

Client Business Type

science extraction laboratory in Australia

Client Desired Products

1L, 5L, 20L rotavapor & Recirculating Chiller & vacuum pump

Client Pain Points

Need rota evaporator working at least 10mbar vacuum and water cooling to minus 20 degrees below freezing.

Client Requirement

1L, 5L, 20L rotavapor with speed control and digital display screen

Australian Rotary Evaporator Customer project

Australia Customer Name: Dominic

Australia market Rotary Evaporator Supplier: Lab Unique

Rotary Evaporator Type : 1L, 5L and 20L Rotary Evaporator

Purchasing Quantity : 3 sets

Case Introduction :

Dominic From Australia laboratory is running food ingredients extraction project and they are looking for a suitable rotary evaporating system including vacuum pump and water-cooling.

Dominic contacted several suppliers but they gave Dominic unavailable choice on the evaporator system.

Dominic searched on google and bing to find more possible laboratory equipment supplier.

He found Lab Unique and other China suppliers then he sent his inquiry to these companies, expecting to get suitable ways for his project.

Lab Unique checked his proejct conditions carefully with engineer team and offer a custom rotary evaporating plan with recirculating chiller & vacuum pump to reach Dominic’s requirements at low cost.

Dominic compare our solution with other suppliers then discuss with their colleague.

Finally they decided to try Lab Unique way for their extraction project.

We provide durable rotary evaporator, recirculating chiller & vacuum pump at cheap factory price and spare parts to help them save time on the project.

Lab Unique package the rotavap, recirculating chiller & vacuum pump with thickened box to avoid potential damage during the delivery.

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Lab Unique focus on qualified laboratory equipment and you will have more choice to buy lab equipment from rotavap, glass reactor to home freeze dryer and more customized items:

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Australia Customer Reivew About Lab Unique rotary evaporator

Dominic From Australia


Thanks to Lab Unique, we got what we really need at low cost and they guide us to adjust the rotary evaporator, recirculating chiller & vacuum pump for better performance.

rotary evaporator For sale in Australia

Why choose lab unique rotary evaporator

Why choose lab unique rotary evaporator

Lab Unique is expert on rotary evaporator and you will get practical tips for your project. We have many clients in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and more cities across Australia market.

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